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 We are now one of the leading suppliers in the UK for hopi ear candles. We supply Biosun, Otosan and Cheap Scented ear candles all at fantastic prices.

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What is a Hopi Ear Candle?

An ear candle (also known as a Hopi Ear Candle) is a hollow cylinder made from unbleached cotton or muslin which has been coated in natural ingredients including beeswax and essential oils. These ear candles are approx 22 cms (8 3/4 ins) long. The candle is lit and then placed in the ear.

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Otosan XL Professional Ear Cones (25cms long) available HERE

We also supply Ear Protectors to go with your ear candles HERE

Ear Candles, despite medical opposition, have been proven to have many benefits both medically and therapeutically. Many people use ear candles purely for relaxation purposes. Others use them for medical reasons and these are a few of the many benefits that have been documented:

  • Improved hearing 
  • Getting rid of strange noises in the ear 
  • Headache relief 
  • Release of a build up of pressure in the ear 
  • Release of a build up of ear wax 
  • Relief of sinus problems 
  • Relief from tinnitus, Menieres disease and 'swimmers ear' 
  • Better lymphatic circulation 
  • Helps snoring problems 
  • Relief for sufferers of glue ear, rhinitis, colds and migraines 
  • Relieves the feelings of vertigo 
  • Relief from neuralgia 
  • Stress relief 

Have you seen this recent Ear Cleaning in India article? Never let anyone tell you that ear candling is dangerous!

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