Biosun Ear Candles

biosun ear candles

Biosun Hopi Ear Candles are far and away the favourite ear candles of holistic practitioners around the UK and more often than not, it will have been these that you had if you have ever had a professional ear candling session before.


They are made from pure unbleached cotton covered in beeswax, honey extract and herbs like St Johns Wort and Camomile.

  • The No.1 selling ear candle in the UK – by far

  • Ancient and natural therapy

  • Have been tested as free from all environmental toxins

  • Using only high quality pesticide free untreated cotton

  • Use only the finest premium quality ingredients

Here are some links to reputable sellers on (A tip is to look for the “5 new from £xxxx” below the listing price. This opens up all the sellers and they are quite often cheaper than the one advertised on the main page)

20 Pairs – £109.95

12 Pairs – £62.99

10 Pairs – £52.89

5 Pairs – £27.89 (click on the blue 7 new from £24.89 round about the middle of the page)


3 Pairs – £18.83 (look for the blue 13 new to get the best price)


2 Pairs – £13.89 (look for the blue 3 new to get the best price)

1 Pair – £8.49 inc postage