Unscented Ear Candles 

They’re back!! Sacred Soul Ear Candles

£5.99 for 3 pairs

Help loosen ear wax build up and blockage!

Support healthy, normal sinus pressure!

Reduce stress and help you relax!

Trusted by many leading therapists and spas!

12-15 minutes burn time!



unscented ear candles

£9.99 for 5 pairs

  • Used by professional therapists because product is traditionally handmade with natural beeswax (not harmful paraffin like many other ear candles) and organic unbleached cotton
  • 5 Pairs of Seruman Ear Candles with safety filters prevents residues, which are generated in the burning process, drip back down into ears
  • Designed to burn with minimal smoke and ash to release the natural aroma of beeswax while complimenting the therapeutic experience of ear candling
  • Protective discs and leaflet with instructions how to use, to ensure safety during treatment.
  • Individually packed in pairs.