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An ear candle (also sometimes controversially known as a Hopi Candle) is a device used for not only relaxation purposes, but is also used by many people to help with a variety of ailments. The candles are a hollow cylinder made from unbleached cotton or muslin which has been coated in natural ingredients including beeswax and essential oils. They are approx 22 cms (8 3/4 ins) long. The candle is lit and then placed in the ear. Many people think that the ‘bits’ inside it when you have finished, are wax from the ear. This is INCORRECT!

What actually happens is this:

the crackling noise from the flame makes the ear drum vibrate. This loosens the ear wax in the inner ear. Then the wax falls out naturally over the following day or two.

Another misconception is that one session will do the trick. This is sometimes NOT the case and several sessions are required to provide the required result.

Ear Candles, despite medical opposition, have been proven to have many benefits both medically and therapeutically. Many people also use them purely for relaxation purposes. Others use them for medical reasons.

These are a few of the many benefits that have been documented:

  • Improved hearing
  • Getting rid of strange noises in the ear
  • Headache relief
  • Release of a build up of pressure in the ear
  • Release of a build up of ear wax
  • Relief of sinus problems
  • Relief from tinnitus, Menieres disease and ‘swimmers ear’
  • Better lymphatic circulation
  • Helps snoring problems
  • Relief for sufferers of glue ear, rhinitis, colds and migraines
  • Relieves the feelings of vertigo
  • Relief from neuralgia

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