Hopi Ear Candles Benefits

Hopi Ear Candles Benefits

hopi ear candles benefitsEar Candles, despite medical opposition, have been proven to have many benefits both medically and therapeutically. Many people use ear candles purely for relaxation purposes. Others use them for medical reasons and these are a few of the many hopi ear candles benefits that have been documented:

  • Improved hearing
  • Getting rid of strange noises in the ear
  • Headache relief
  • Release of a build up of pressure in the ear
  • Release of a build up of ear wax
  • Relief of sinus problems
  • Relief from tinnitus, Menieres disease and ‘swimmers ear’
  • Better lymphatic circulation
  • Helps snoring problems
  • Relief for sufferers of glue ear, rhinitis, colds and migraines
  • Relieves the feelings of vertigo
  • Relief from neuralgia
  • Stress relief

I have my own experience which you may find interesting. When I first found ear candles I decided to try them out. After all, you cant really write about something that you have not tried, can you?

I chose a time when I had an unusual bout of stuffiness in the nasal area and in fact had painful sinuses. I settled down on the bed and my wife administered the ear candle. Now, I am a big skeptic about a lot of things until I actually experience them and can form an honest opinion. Well, immediately after having the ear candles I was able to breath easily and the pain subsided shortly afterwards. I woke up the next day feeling fighting fit and have not had a return of the blocked sinuses. I am no longer a skeptic!!

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