Otosan Ear Candles

otosan ear candles

Otosan Ear Candles

otosan ear candlesOtosan ear candles are second only to Biosun in popularity when it comes to holistic practitioners across the UK. Their purifying effect helps hearing conditions such as tinnitus, buzzing, whistling, background noises, and the feeling of blocked ears. Otosan can be used on adults and children alike, and are especially good for people working in dusty environments, for those suffering from excess earwax and people who use external hearing aids.

They recently had propolis added to them, which bees get attached to them when they are on certain plants. It is a resin like substance which in ancient Greece and Egypt was used for medicinal purposes. Otosan Ear Cones develop an very protective action for the ears as the heat created regenerates local blood flow, providing a feeling of well-being and general physical relaxation.

    • Class 1 Medical device
    • Helps the ears natural defences and build up of excess ear wax
    • Contains 3 unique safety features
    • New ‘comfy’ applicator that increases the comfort of the cone in the ear canal
  • It is recommended to use them together with Otosan Ear Drops

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Otosan XL Professional Ear Cones

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