Unscented Hopi ear candles

Unscented Ear Candles 

If you need ear candle protector discs we supply them HERE

Sacred Soul Ear Candles 

unscented ear candles for saleHelp loosen ear wax build up and blockage!

Support healthy, normal sinus pressure!

Reduce stress and help you relax!

Trusted by many leading therapists and spas!

12-15 minutes burn time!

6 Pairs

3 Pairs




serumen unscented ear candles 5 pairs

Organic Seruman Unscented Ear Candles – 5 Pairs

  • Used by professional therapists because product is traditionally handmade with natural beeswax (not harmful paraffin like many other ear candles) and organic unbleached cotton
  • 5 Pairs of Seruman Ear Candles with safety filters prevents residues, which are generated in the burning process, drip back down into ears
  • Designed to burn with minimal smoke and ash to release the natural aroma of beeswax while complimenting the therapeutic experience of ear candling
  • Protective discs and leaflet with instructions how to use, to ensure safety during treatment.
  • Individually packed in pairs.





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